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At Game of Washers, we have everything you need to know about pitching washers game playing. Learn how to build a washer game box, washer game rules and more.

We also recognise that there are many other games to play online for free as well, so when you're not able to get out to your garden with family and friends we have a long list of games you can play online at Of course rather than playing online games you could always spend your time endlessly running to the shed to build your very own washers set. See our detailed instructions and tips on pitching washers in our articles section. Happy pitching to the pit!

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Build a Washers Set

A great way to practice pitching washers is to build your own washers set and play a couple washers games with your friends, family, and neighbors. We have information on how to build three different styles of washers boxes. First, and arguably the most used, is the square washers box. This classic style of the game of washers is preferred by most washers pitching veterans. Second, the octagon style washers box is a new style that popped up over the years. It's a great washers box that demands somewhat of a higher skill level. Finally, the three hole washers set design is a style that can only be identified as unique. No matter which style you prefer, there is no doubt the game of washers will provide hours of entertainment. Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ, or tailgating before the big game; washers can provide the outdoor entertainment your looking for. Build your own washers set today, and see for your self how fun the game can be.

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Have you ever wanted to build your own set of washers, or wonder where the game of washers was first introduced? Well, you have come to the right spot! This site is intended to teach you about the game of washers, the rules of washers, and how to build you own washers set. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.